Customizable Take Away Combo Boxes

Customizable combo-boxes

Printable and customizable microwave cardboard boxes


  • 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for hot foods
  • Suitable for cold foods
  • Strong and sturdy


Practical, natural brown, takeaway boxes with a handle and a bottle slot; essential for all restaurants and shops that provide home delivery of their menu items.
This food delivery box is practical, sturdy, and suitable for transporting takeaway containers such as pre-packaged foods, sandwiches, hamburgers, entrées, main courses and desserts. It protects and strengthens the containers inside, and is suitable for contact with foods.
The bottom of the box is sturdy, and the box’s automatic assembly means it’s instantly ready to use, while the practical handle makes it easy to use for delivery or takeaway.

Before After

The bottle slot adds value to the delivery box in that it forms a simple “interlocking” closing for the package, which creates a practical and secure transportation solution for everyone from professional restaurateurs to friends sharing a refined and stylish picnic.

Like all EcoDu products, this takeaway box is multi-use, Sustainable and completely recyclable, as well as certified for use with foodstuffs.

BO0020P*22x22x20 (+10)havana/white10 ltyes40

*personalized item

Combo Box L

The “size L” was created in combination with the compostable line and the square premium line with the aim of replacing the classic shopper with a distinctive product. The useful volume allows you to insert a meal for 2/4 people inside (for example 2 PE1900 maxi-hamburger containers + 2 ED0700 compostable containers for fries + 2 soft drinks).
High tensile strength and weight, small size and ease of opening thanks to the snap-on bottom which, with a simple gesture, allows all our containers to pass from flattened to ready-to-use.

Before After
BO0013P*30x18x18 (+7.5)havana/white11 ltyes50

*personalized item

"XL" Combo Box

“XL” size box, matched with the “Premium” line is the substitute the classic carry bag with a distinctive and elegant product. The high capacity allows to carry meals up to 6 people (disposed on three layers). Practical, strong and sturdy. Minimal storage space and very easy to assemble, like all our products, with just one move from folded to ready.
Before After
BO0014P*37x24x18 (+7.5)havana/white16 ltyes60

*personalized item

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