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If you love practicality and functionality, our EcoDu product range is right for you! Easy to use, clean, compostable and dynamic…these are a few of the adjectives used to describe our products.


Our food packaging ensures maximum functionality and ease of consumption. Tailor made to ensure maximum convenience. We want to make the use of takeaway packaging a fun and natural experience with complete respect for the environment.


The high-tech materials used to create EcoDu’s containers don’t alter the smell or taste of your foodstuffs! No chemical additives; only natural raw materials. The colour of the kraft paper exalts the food’s colours, enhancing its flavour.


The materials used by EcoDu are flexible, easy to fold, and occupy little space after use. Consumers can use our products as an absorbent base to lay underneath the compost bin (e.g. the biodegradable base of our pizza boxes) or can be simply thrown into that bin since they are compostable products that don’t need to be sorted.

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