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It’s long been our job to use renewable energy sources and paper products that favour nature. FSC® certified paper helps us to properly maintain the resources that the planet has placed at our disposition.


Our food containers and supply chain are a perfect example of the circular economy: materials obtained from renewable resources, transformed for use in food service, compostable without sorting, that then return to nature and replace chemical fertilizers that are harmful to the environment and to humans. In technical terms, recycling means returning a part of production materials to the natural cycle. Until a few years ago, “a part” was enough to be considered sustainable. Today, the challenge is to close the carbon circle in an infinite circle that continually renews itself through the biodegradability and compostability of a product.


Inspired by the Blue Economy, EcoDu’s products are created using entirely sustainable processes. 60% of our energy is solar; the scraps from the printing process (which uses totally green vegetable based ink), are compacted and recycled to create new compost; all glues are dosed based on our needs without any wastage; all paper scraps recovered during production are compressed it in order to be sent on to a paper mill that will reuse 100% of it to produce new paper products for other applications. EcoDu tries to be 100% eco-sustainable.


In a linear concept of time, the future is the part of time that still hasn’t happened.

The choices we make every day can create different future. Small acts are enough to create a better tomorrow for our generation and the ones to come.

We re-write the future

Working together
for the future of food packaging
and of the environment

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