doing well is an art,
doing good is a mission.

about us

The Company with sixty years of experience in not only food packaging production but in contributing to technical advancements in the paper and packaging industry. Our deep knowledge of the material has allowed us to develop a, certified mark, that meets the needs both of our clients and of nature, through zero environmental impact.


EcoDu ambitious mission is to lead the way in the technical evolution of paper products. Today, we launch on the national market our exclusive and practical compostableproducts inspired by contemporary and minimalist design.

Faced with the carelessness of our species (unable to believe that we are nearing the abyss until we’ve fallen into it) it seems that almost no one believes that the environment exists until it becomes hostile and causes terror and destruction.

Sustainability is the way, not a fashion. That’s our vision.

Working together
for the future of food packaging
and of the environment

Want to learn more about our products? Write us at [email protected]

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