Compostable Pizza Box

Compostable pizza box

Compostable Pizza box made with pure kraft pulp cardboard natural brown.

Quick and ready to use

How much time do you invest in putting together your takeaway boxes? It’s estimated that an employee can put together around 300 boxes per hour; or 5 a minute.
Employees often have to start preparing a stock of containers to use during their shift before opening hours, at an additional cost to the company.

Sometimes the pre-prepared stock isn’t enough, and employees have to rush in order to deal with the issue during high traffic times.

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EcoDU created a quick assembly system that allows you to
Just lift the side tabs and you immediately have a tray ready to take your pizza fresh from the oven.

Spacesaving and Hygenic

How much space do your assembled containers take up?

It’s estimated that, during high volume times, companies need almost double the existing space to accommodate assembled containers.  These end up filling all available space, even that not intended for containers. Assembling containers and keeping a minimal stock level also takes resources away from the front of house and kitchen.

How much is this worth?
It’s believed that space saving is of enormous value to companies. For example, think of the possibility of using freed-up space to stockpile pre-booked orders. We could simply say that every unoccupied bit of space leaves space for new ideas, and thus new profits!

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EcoDU containers, stacked and preserved with a thin layer in 100% recyclable propylene, can be put to use JUST IN TIME” meaning, at the moment of their use!

4cm height!

How do you feel when you open the box only to discover your pizza’s toppings stuck to the cover?

This unfortunate situation is always dissatisfying. It’s often caused by excessive weight placed on the containers at the base. Heat, coupled with that weight, weakens the cardboard at the base causing the boxes to fail.
It’s known that a positive review can bring in 40 additional sales, and that every shopkeeper looks over their shoulder for a bad review.

EcoDu boxes’ 4 cm height is designed to avoid having the toppings of your pizza stick to the cover! Your client will be pleased with this solution.

Highly Innovatine and Odourless Material

How do you feel when you eat a pizza that tastes of cardboard or has lost that characteristic fresh from the oven crispiness?

It’s often our experience that takeaway pizza isn’t as good as pizza eaten fresh from the oven. That’s because classic, wavy, cardboard pizza boxes are made up of thin pieces of paper glued together and, once assembled, they close in a way that doesn’t allow for temperature control of the pizza and traps moisture inside.

The smell and taste of cardboard isn't something that a shopkeeper wants to send their clients!


Our high-tech materials, with the help of 4 openings in the corners, allow the heat generated humidity to exit so that the pizza maintains its temperature and crispiness.

Maximum Hygene

Did you know that wavy cardboard easily absorbs smells and fumes?

Most cardboard containers are packaged in shrink wrapped plastic that is cut and disposed of during the first use.

Think of how many boxes accumulate in your space and are exposed to smells and fumes. It’s not possible to flatten them and place them back in their original packaging at the end of every shift.

EcoDu’s boxes are packaged inside a resealable bag in order to guarantee maximum hygiene every time

Disposal and Re-Use

Are you sure you know where to properly dispose of the classic pizza box?
In order to sort them correctly, you need only follow three simple rules:

  1. Cardboard that is clean and free from food residue goes in the paper collection;
  2. Cardboard that is visibly stained with oil, mozzarella, tomato or something else goes in the general waste to await the long process of disintegration. The lid can only be separated from the base and put into the paper collection if it’s clean;
  3. Always reduce the volume of cardboard boxes before throwing them away, flattening them and, if possible, breaking them down; something that’s tiring and difficult to do with wavy cardboard.

Ecodu's Technology Creates a Product that's flexible, refolds easily and takes up little space after use.

The fact that the clean lid is separate from the main container guarantees that it will be correctly placed in the paper collection. Meanwhile, the main container can be put in the organic collection and, thanks to its new compostable properties, will decompose in little time, notably accelerating the composting process, which gives our planet the edge.

Plus, the consumer can reuse the container by refolding it and using it as an absorbent base at the bottom of the organic collection.


  • 100% compostable
  • Certified product
  • Suitable for hot foods (up to 100°C)
  • Oven-suitable (170°C for 30 mins.)
  • Fast and ready to use
  • Space saving

How is an EcoDu pizza box is made


Square box


Rectangular box

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Working together
for the future of food packaging
and of the environment

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