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The purity of the natural brown paper (k), or the white paper (w) and the transparency of the internal food barrier together in this line of products. Suitable for hot or cold foods; also suitable for high acidity or salty foods.
This solution is suitable for cook or reheat both in oven or microwave oven, it is suitable for fridge or freezer. Can stand temperatures from -10°C to +170°C. Thanks to the technology used in the making of this products you can reduce 95% of the plastic use in making similar containers, achieving the same result in fat and liquid resistance. 100% recyclable with paper


  • 100% recyclable
  • Fats and liquid resistant
  • Suitable for hot foods (up to 170°C)
  • Suitable for cold foods
  • Suitable for fridge, freezer and blast chiller
  • Suitable for over or microwave oven

Square Trays

PE1900K(inf.)14.8x14.8 | (sup.)17.5x17.5 x8hhavana1.90 ltno300
PE1900W(inf.)14.8x14.8 | (sup.)17.5x17.5 x8hwhite1.90 ltno300

Rectangular trays

PE0850K(inf.)15x10 | (sup.)17.8x12 x5.3hhavana0.85 ltno300
PE0850W(inf.)15x10 | (sup.)17.8x12 x5.3hwhite0.85 ltno300
PE1700K(inf.)20x15 | (sup.)22.8x17.8 x5.3hhavana1.70 ltno150
PE1700W(inf.)20x15 | (sup.)22.8x17.8 x5.3hwhite1.70 ltno150
PE2700K(inf.)27.5x17.5 | (sup.)30.3x20.3 x5.3hhavana2.70 ltno75
PE2700W(inf.)27.5x17.5 | (sup.)30.3x20.3 x5.3hwhite2.70 ltno75
PE3500K(inf.)30.5x20.5 | (sup.)33.3x23.3 x5.3hhavana3.50 ltno75
PE3500W(inf.)30.5x20.5 | (sup.)33.3x23.3 x5.3hwhite3.50 ltno75

Working together
for the future of food packaging
and of the environment

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