Compostable Containers

Compostable containers

A wide selection of built-in-lid containers, made with pure compostable pulp cardboard, ideal for take away.

The new closing system with innovative design permits a fast packing time. Made with high technological materials, suitable for hot (up to 100°C) and cold food packaging. With no plastic food barriers, respecting the environment.
Produced using 100% renewable energy and sustainable materials.

Using our containers helps to: Reduce CO2 Emissions; Reduce non renewable exploit; Reduce Greenhouse gasses; Reduce use of incinerators and waste dumps; Increase energy saves; Support agriculture.

Suggested for short time consumption. 100% recyclable with organic waste.


  • 100% compostable
  • Certified product
  • Fats and liquid resistant (up to 30 mins.)
  • Suitable for hot foods (up to 100°C)
  • Suitable for cold food

Compostable containers

ED0001(inf.)10.2x8.4 | (sup.)13.7x12.3 x6.5hhavana0.80 ltno300
ED0008(inf.)14.2x11.4 | (sup.)17.7x15.2 x6.5hhavana1.40 ltno300
ED0002(inf.)18.9x13.4 | (sup.)21.5x16.6 x4.9hhavana1.47 ltno200
ED0003(inf.)18.9x13.4 | (sup.)22.4x17.1 x6.5hhavana2.00 ltno200
ED0004(inf.)19.7x13.4 | (sup.)24.5x18.5 x8.9hhavana3.00 ltno200

Working together
for the future of food packaging
and of the environment

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